The Education & Training Program (ETP) provides eligible Indigenous Baka students the funding they need to access education and training opportunities at the post-secondary level. These 4 to 6-year work-study programs will prepare students to apply, enroll, undertake and complete university education that will enable them to provide vital professional services to their indigenous communities.

The history of discrimination and persistent socio-economic disadvantages against Baka have created a deeply uneven playing field, often preventing Baka students from achieving their educational goals, no matter how dedicated or hard-working they are. Many Baka learners do not have the financial means to attend university. But the challenges don’t end there—those who do make it to the post-secondary level struggle; many fail. Universities and colleges are usually located far from their families and communities, isolating them from their language, traditions, culture, and natural homeland. The transition can be intense and extreme, and often the resources are not there to support students when they feel overwhelmed.  

The ETP program is a collaboration between CBBM and the Biosynergy Project at Center for Studies of the Person (BP@CSP). Our collective mission is to enhance indigenous and non-native capacity to serve and restore the synergy of life. We achieve this by supporting dedicated persons to become competent providers of essential professional services to advance the community stewardship of biosynergy within traditional ecosystems & biomes.  Beyond synergistic ecology & wildlife management, support will go also to students inclined towards essential professions of law & government, reporting & journalism, economics & accounting, social science, agribusiness, and health care.    

University education is the gateway for people to access — and create — positive improvements in our rapidly changing world. CBBM believes everyone should have the tools and support they need to achieve their potential.  The Education & Training Program (ETP) is our pathway to personal achievement on behalf of all life on Earth.