We are excited to welcome Gwendoline Angwa on board as the Country Coordinator for our Cameroon office!

Gwendoline Angwa holds an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and a BSc in Zoology.  While obtaining her masters degree, she joined the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) and worked with the great apes in the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.  She also served as an intern in the Limbe Wildlife Centre, where she was later appointed the head of the Guenon Section. She was fully integrated into ERuDeF in 2017, as the Junior Biologist in charge of Research and Bio-monitoring. Soon after, she became the Coordinator of the Research and Bio-monitoring Program where she aided in the development of the Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary management plan.  By 2020, She was appointed Project Manager of the Eastern Cameroon Biodiversity Initiative and Manager of the ERuDeF Regional Office in Bertoua.

Her long-term vision is to enthusiastically engage local communities in the conservation of biodiversity while promoting community development.

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