We need your help to do this!

For far too long, solutions to tropical conservation problems have come from outside the tropics. CBBM’s approach of catalyzing people-centered solutions to tropical conservation issues will only succeed with your help. Honestly, it will take a village!

Your donations to the Baka Monitoring Network program will empower meaningful engagement of Baka hunter-gatherers whose cultural and ancestral knowledge is essential for the conservation of tropical rainforests.

Your donations to the Community Forestry Program will increase the amount of rainforest under protection. Additionally, it will ensure that local and indigenous communities throughout Cameroon can realize the economic and livelihood potential of community forests.

If you choose to support our Landscape Resilience Program, your donation will be used to improve the livelihood of people who live in degraded landscapes. For example, every $3.50 donated will be used to raise, plant, and grow a native tree.

Your generous support to our Education and Training Program will support Indigenous Baka students in furthering their post-secondary education, encourage them to take an interest in community-based conservation, and enhancing their abilities to contribute to Indigenous self-determination.

We accept donations via PayPal or Credit Cards.  If you or your organization would like to support our work by direct bank transfer or cheque, please do so by contacting with our secretariat at executive@cbbminternational.org

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.

Thank you for your generosity!