In the Western Highlands savannas of Cameroon, CBBM is engaging and mobilizing inclusive partnerships to achieve landscape restoration – from urban to rural settings – and identifying where we can move further, faster, together.

Our goal is to deliver long-term, practical solutions to forest degradation and provide local and indigenous people with the skills and ability to secure livelihoods, protect forests, and combat climate change. Our approach to landscape resilience has been tried and tested in Cameroon. It includes such things as the cultivation of fruit trees and non-timber forest trees on farmlands and the restoration of native forest trees on degraded forests, community forest, water catchments, and riverine forests.

CBBM’s landscape resilience efforts are locally driven, ensuring that projects are appropriate for local social and ecological contexts. For example, decisions on which species to grow, the time of year to raise nurseries and plant seedlings, and the planting location are based on extensive community consultation and a thorough review of available science and indigenous knowledge.

We believe that local community engagement and participation in landscape resilience programs are indispensable to keeping the trees alive in the long term.